space NOUN 1) unoccupied ground or area. 2) a free or unoccupied area or expanse. 3) the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move. 4) a blank between typed or written words or characters. 5) (also outer space) the physical universe beyond the earth's atmosphere. 6) an interval of time (indicating that it is short): forty men died in the space of two days. 7) the freedom and scope to live and develop as one wishes.
VERB 1) position (two or more items) at a distance from one another. 2) (be spaced out or chiefly N. Amer. space out) informal be or become euphoric or disorientated, especially from taking drugs.
DERIVATIVES spacer noun spacing noun.
ORIGIN Old French espace, from Latin spatium.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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